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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Food is an everlasting need for humans. Especially in Sri Lanka, we take our food seriously. Colombo is filled with dozens and dozens of Cafe's, Restaurants and Hotels that boast all levels and kinds of cuisine from all over the globe. As such Eat Me Global is on a mission to collect all of these outlets into one common app, providing a Bohemia of information and genuine content with regard to dishes and food around Colombo.

Eat Me Global does not stop there. Eat Me Global is the first app to introduce a cash point system that will allow its users to earn and redeem cash points. This means you can get paid for using the app and use those cash points to reduce a stipulated amount from your bill, even treat yourself to free food! How exciting is that?

But how do we get on the bandwagon of free food? All you have to do is, download the Eat Me Global app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Open a new account and make sure you dine out.

The Eat Me Global app has enlisted over 400 restaurants and outlets in an around Colombo, and the Earn and Redeem campaign is active in all of these places. You can Earn cash points in the following methods on the app.

1. Submit a Dish Picture - Earn LKR 300 cash points

2. Submit a Dish Review - Earn LKR 50 cash points

3. Submit a Missing Dish - Earn LKR 50 cash points

apart from the above, the Eat Me Global app also allows users to suggest restaurants that are not on the app. This function does not provide any cash points but hey! its an all new menu to take pictures and write reviews about! THAT IS A LOT OF CASH POINTS!!

The redemption process of Eat Me Global also is simple and easy! all you have to do is:-

1. Go to an Eat Me Global Partnered restaurant, dine in, and before paying for your order, go to your point profile on the app (Click on the hamburger menu on the right top edge of the app)

2. Choose the restaurant your dining in (often will be the first option on the drop down list)

3. Click the redeem button.

4. Confirm with the cashier and your all set!

Here is the current list of partnered restaurants on the app.

Eat Me Global allows a single user to redeem 500 cash points a day. So choose your redemption's wisely!

The app is already trending and the talk among all food lovers in the community. So do not forget to download the app if you haven't already. The links for the respective platforms are given below.

Play Store -

App Store -

Therefore, it is suffice to say that Eat Me Global has added a new dimension to the concept of food by leading the market away from order delivery to Dining in by revolutionizing the day to day dine in experience to be a lot more affordable, interesting and fun. So do not steer away from dining in or downloading the Eat Me app because once you do! there is no turning back.

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