How to pay for a special offer with Dialog Genie

This blog talks about how a user can purchase a special offer from the Eat Me Global app through Dialog Genie - a mobile payment gateway/interface that has made mobile purchasing a piece of cake (steps and screenshots included). Visit to find out more about Dialog Genie. In the mean time please follow the below steps and you will have purchased a special offer without any hiccup! If you want to know what Eat Me Special offers are all about please visit this link, - read up and come right back!!

STEP 01 - Load the APP & Click on the "Special Offers" tab

STEP 02 - Click "All offers" & Choose an offer you desire to purchase

STEP 03 - Add your offer to the cart & click "View Cart"

STEP 04 - Click "Continue to Payment" & Choose payment method

STEP 05 - Add your card details and click "Pay"

STEP 06 - Await the payment confirmation screen & your all set!!

As mentioned before, complete these simple steps and you will have used Dialog Genie and also payed for your special offer in no time!

Let us know what you think about this blog! Also follow the steps and give us your suggestions and feedback! We are always willing to learn more about how we can improve Eat Me Global for you! Now that you have purchased a special offer, if you are wondering whats next, please go through this -

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