Dine-in food app helps restaurants reduce wastage through dish based offers

Colombo, Sri Lanka, February 2020 - Eat Me Global, a Singapore-based mobile app founded by Sri Lankan entrepreneur, Jude Kumar, was launched with the objective of helping restaurants reduce food wastage by allowing users to explore food by dish and get time based dish discounts.

The ‘Eat Me Global’ app is the first mobile application of its kind to allow users to search for any dish they would like. This allows users to get a list of dishes that match the search criteria instead of a list of restaurants. Furthermore, The app currently has 60,000 dishes listed in Colombo and Galle from which users can explore dishes by cuisine and time of day, or specifically by diet type.

The app is expected to launch in Dubai this year (2020) and will then go on to launch in 15 other countries over the next five [05] years via the collation of at least one [01] million dishes, whilst utilising machine learning to accurately suggest dishes to users based on their historical search patterns and demographic.

Speaking with Founder, Eat Me Global - Jude Kumar, on the new app launched "I was keen on launching an app envisioned and built by Sri Lankans for the global market with the aim of helping both users and restaurants work together to solve the ever-growing problem of food wastage. Additionally, the app will be the first to showcase dish-based reviews on a large scale as opposed to restaurant reviews, making it mandatory for all images and reviews posted by users to be placed whilst in the restaurant so as to avoid fake reviews and images.”

The app will pay cash points to users in return for dish pictures and reviews, allowing users to earn money for their food-related content. In addition, the app will also contain a time-based voucher purchasing system whereby users can purchase steep discount vouchers up to 80% off.

Eat Me Global has already surpassed 10,000 downloads and expects to have 100,000 downloads by the beginning of Q3 2020. Moreover, the app has listed more than 500 restaurants and expects to have 1,000 listed restaurants in Sri Lanka and 3,000 listed restaurants in Dubai by the end of the year.

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