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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Eat Me global is reaching new heights by introducing the latest addition to the app. Also know as SPECIAL OFFERS Eat Me Global is now allowing users purchase their well loved dishes for a discounted rate that is way above any other deal you would come across. Isn't that exciting?

Eat Me Global is also the first app to introduce an in app voucher payment system for special offers. You can simply purchase a voucher and use it within a stipulated time period! This is very similar to the gift voucher we already gift our friends and know of, except this voucher allows you to buy a predetermined dish from a particular restaurant! That's even better!!!

So how does this work? You can go ahead to this article and understand how the process works better, but in a nutshell all you have to do is these few steps :-

1. Open the App

2. Click on the Special Offers tab

3. Choose an offer you desire

4. Add the offer to the cart

5. View the cart and continue to pay

6. Make the payment

That's it!! once you do the above set steps you would have officially bought yourself a special offer voucher! So you must be thinking - "generally a gift voucher we must be presented to the relevant party to get our gift/s of choice" so do we do that with our Eat Me Special Offer Voucher as well?

YES!!! but in this case it all happens through the app. Each special offer is valid for a stipulated period of time. So once you have purchased your offer you will have a time frame until the voucher expires. Hence, before expiry you have to go to the Restaurant or food outlet you bought the voucher from and tap the button called "Redeem". Once you press that button the app will verify your location (check if you are at the correct restaurant) and will notify the restaurant manager and the manager will have to provide your particular Eat Me Global app with a unique code ID! After all this is complete (it will only take a minute of your time MAX!!), the restaurant will prepare your food and you can either chose to dine in or take the food away!! Understood the process?? if not you can easily understand with this below article.

Anyhow, the objective of Eat Me Global is to provide its users the best possible food experiences in Colombo and the special offers that the app has newly installed will definitely do so. So tell us what you think about our special offers?? any feedback that you have about it? let us know as we are always keen to learn from our users and to know more about what our users expect from us!

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