10000+ Downloads for Eat Me Global

Eat Me global has reached 10000 + downloads mid February after only fully operating since November 2019.

Eat Me Global is a Singapore-based mobile app founded by Jude Kumar, a Sri Lankan entrepreneur who created Eat Me Global with the vision of helping restaurants reduce food wastage by allowing users to explore food by dish and get dish based discounts.

The app currently boasts more than 65,000 dishes listed in Colombo from which users can explore dishes by cuisine and time of day, specifically by diet type. Moreover, currently the app is a growing sensation in the food community due to the incredible stride Eat Me Global took by introducing the Earn & Redeem Campaign. This campaign allows the user to perform key activities and Earn cash points which they can redeem against their next bill. Eat Me Global is the first Food app to introduce such an app campaign and the campaign itself has attracted many foodies in Colombo who now are able to manage their budgets and reduce spend on food all because of Eat Me Global. Find out more about the Earn and Redeem campaign here -

The next stride Eat Me Global will introduce is "special offers". The team strongly believes that the introduction of special offers will also further help our users dine smarter and allow restaurants to boast more footfall in the long run. Speaking of Restaurants, Eat Me Global has more than 500 restaurants listed on the app and over 200 Restaurants that have officially partnered with the app to provide a better and more personalized service to all Eat Me users.

Hence, with the 10000 download milestone checked! Eat Me Global sets its eyes on the 50000+ download milestone and is certain that it is much closer than imagined.

So, have you downloaded the app yet?? If not please do and let us know your thoughts on it! Also, do not forget to better manage your food budgets through our Earn and Redeem campaign while you await much more updates from this blog page.

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