Delivery Schedule

Goods will be delivered on the next day once the order is placed before 10 pm today.

Any changes to the delivery schedule or the time period will be notified.

Order Related Questions

When will you start delivering goods?


Eat Me will start dispatching goods after the order is confirmed and packing is complete. You will receive your delivery the next day between 9 am to 9 pm 

How can I order?

You have to download our app through the app store and register first to place your order. Once you’re registered, simply tap on the Covid-19 Relief Centre and place your order by selecting the required items.

How can I pay for the order? ​

You can pay for your order by any Visa or Mastercard. Your payment will be securely processed through the Genie payment processor. ​

How can I change the delivery address after purchasing the order? 

If you need to change the delivery address, you need to contact Customer Service via our chat on the app or in WhatsApp messenger on (+94 76 666 1699) or call us so that we could assist you. Please note delivery may be delayed, if the address is changed.

Can I get items delivered in a specific time period of the day?

No. Our delivery timelines are from 9 am to 9 pm. Depending on the order quantity and the areas that we cover with the limited resources, we cannot confirm a specific time on your delivery. But we will send you a delivery confirmation once the order has been dispatched from our location and our rider will be in touch with you prior to your delivery. 

How can I schedule my delivery?

We cannot confirm a specific delivery timeline or schedule your delivery since the deliveries are scheduled according to the locations. One you place your is placed (before 10pm on a day) we will be dispatching the order on the next day and you will receive your order before 9 pm.If you need further assistance, you can simply call us up on 0766661699 or chat with us on the app

How can I find the expiry date of the products?  

Any canned or packaged goods, date of manufacture and expiry will be mentioned in the packaging. 

There’s an item missing in my cart at the time of the delivery. What can I do? 

Eat Me is delivering goods with minimum touch and contact with our users. So make sure that you will check all the items before you wave goodbye to our delivery personnel. 

Items are damaged in my delivery package. What can I do? 

Eat Me ensures that your product delivery will be handed over with zero damage. If there’s any hard damage and it is hard to consume, you can raise a complaint regarding your damaged goods via our chat on the app or in WhatsApp messenger on (+94 76 666 1699) or call us so that we could assist you. 

Cancellation and Refunds

How can I reduce the quantity that I have ordered?

You can tap on the plus or the minus button next to the product and adjust the quantity. We cannot change what you have ordered once the order has been placed and paid through your card. Please make sure to check your whole cart and order responsibly.

How can I cancel the order?

Sorry, order cancellations are not possible at the moment.

How can I get a refund? 

Refunds are not possible since we have limited resources to arrange delivery and a limited number of fresh goods. You cannot cancel your order once it is placed and we will not refund your order.