frequently asked questions

Cash Points

How can I earn cash points?

You can earn 50 cash points for submitting a dish image, reviewing a dish or uploading a missing dish. You can also earn an extra 250 cash points when your dish picture is featured on our app and 300 cash points for uploading a restaurant menu (Coming soon) 


Download the app and start earning. 

T&C apply*

How can I redeem cash points?

You can redeem cash points under points profile in the hamburger menu. Cash redemption is only possible with our partnered restaurants. You can only redeem 500 cash points per restaurant per day.

I have not received my cash points

We are sorry to hear that. You can check ‘Points Earned History’ on the app as to why you have not received the cash points. Check the list for all approved or rejected reviews and pictures and  the reason for rejection by clicking the relevant tab.

I can not my redeem points

The minimum value required to redeem is 500 cash points and can only redeem 500 points per restaurant per day. Earn more points and try again. To see your available points go to the points profile tab.